Some products we don't offer

Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Guards.

We have had great success with these.  They keep everything out, they are much less than the expensive "helmet" styles, and they can handle plenty of water flow.

This is all based on my 20 plus years in this industry.  This is my own professional opinion.  First, let me start by saying, we have installed dozens of types of different gutter guards.  We have been a dealer for multiple different ones as well.  Sometimes you learn things the hard way.

  1. There is not a gutter protection system that is 100% maintenance free.  Don't believe the hype, because that's all it is.
  2. Gutter guards should be sold according to the style of your gutter, type of your roof, and most importantly the debris your fighting.
  3. Not every gutter guard will fit your existing gutters.  Most gutter guards have a different install method which will need the guttering to be in a certain position.  Example, if you prefer a gutter guard that goes under your shingles and the gutter is too high and the slope of your roof is steep, you have a problem.

The Truth About Gutter Guards.

Shur-Flo X Gutter Guard.

A mid grade gutter guard.  Does great against most debris.  Our most popular product because it gives you the best "bang for your buck".

Foam Type Inserts.

These will clog with dirt and shingle granules allowing no water flow at all.  We learned this the hard way!

Products that we offer

Plastic Screens.

Found at most Big Box Stores, these are too weak to hold up over time.  They will weather and break down and become the debris that clogged your gutters.


Powder Coated Steel Gutter Screen.

This product has been around for decades.  This provides basic protection against larger debris.