Absolutely not.  Like anything else, there are ways to make things cheaper, guttering is no exception.  There are different manufacturers for guttering products, and there are dozens of different accessories.  Many gutter companies use what I call "cheap cuts".  They practice low cost and high volume, guess who loses? You do.....

We could buy the cheapest gutter hanger, deck or dry wall screws, cheap sealant, not use downspout outlets, and buy the cheapest material in Kansas City, but we don't.  Most of my business is from referrals, because we do things right, and we put on a product that will last and protect your home for the long term.


Cutting the bottom of the gutter and bending the tabs down.  The tab is what they screw the downspout to.  Overtime the gutter tears and your downspout comes off.

Deck Screw.

This is not strong enough to hold your gutters on in the winter when they are full of snow and ice.  But they sure are a cheaper way to install the gutters...

Weaker hangers will open under weight and no longer be holding your gutters.

Downspout Outlet.

A separate piece inserted and screwed to the bottom of the gutter and sealed.  This is much stronger and ensures the water goes into the downspout and doesn't leak.  Some use outlets, but still don't seal them. WE DO.

Box Miter.

A pre-fabbed corner.  This creates 3 seams, and 3 times the probability of future leaks.

Gutters are just gutters, right?

#10 x 1 1/2" Screw.

Used for attaching metal to wood. This is a proper gutter installation screw.  The neoprene washer helps to keep any water from seeping through. Some use a #10 screw, but with out a washer.  NOT US.

Strip Miter.

We cut our gutters at 45 degree angles at the corners and install a strip miter.  1 seam, as it should be.

We use the strongest hangers on the market.  The Raytec Hangtite.